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Rising opportunities in SE Asia
  • 604 million population with a strong growing  consumers middle class
  • Abundant natural resources
  • Strong domestic consumption

Our consultancy firm provides a one-stop consultancy services for those companies who seek a sustainable business model, web and IT system and finance to expand or establish a business in SE Asia.
South East Asia
SE Asia is the global fastest growing economic region of the world with an average growth over 5% within the last decade. SE Asia's has exciting and lucrative opportunities for all kind of industries and markets. One of SE Asia's key strength is its favorable demographic trends as well as it economic diversity, which come together creating a vast potential for continues growth. SE Asia is becoming one of the main engines driving global growth by 2020.

1 Stop Consultants
With 1StopConsultants long operating history and intimate knowledge of SE Asia, we are your consultant of choice to help start, develop and/or expand your business in the SE Asia region.