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1StopConsultants expertise focus on four (4) key pillar areas that is combined in a synergistic manner for sustained success: Business Model that incorporates the environment and the community, Marketing and Public Relations, IT solutions and Finance structures.

Technology by itself is not sufficient and success for a middle and long term projects dependents upon the implementation and effectiveness of the Business model that is developed.         

1StopConsultants recognizes that the most sustainable business models benefit the surrounding communities and respect the environment.

1StopConsultants combines legal, finance, marketing, IT, PR and environmental expertise into a 1 stop solution consultancy company to be able to provide a most effective and sustainable business model, advice, support and solution. Also, by maintaining its own global network in various industries and financial markets, 1StopConsultants is able to provide to producers, importers, exporters and other related companies the most effective advice and solutions and provide a more successful outcome for the company.

Specific key areas that 1StopConsultants is able to consult, advice, and manage include the following:

  • Project evaluation and due diligences
  • Design of the Business model
  • Local and export market development including branding and packaging
  • Negotiation of Finance and off-take agreements
  • Providing consulting and agency services in the production and trading of products
  • Scientific and technical research
  • Web and IT solutions